Whether they’re peeking out of the bottom of a dress or on full display at the beach, there’s nothing sexier than sleek, toned legs. Fortunately, with a little bit of effort and proper nutrition, toned legs begin to take shape quicker than other areas such as our bellies and love handles- that’s the good news. The bad news? No amount of exercise can truly help you to spot reduce and if you’re predisposed genetically to cellulite, well, consider it there to stay.

But don’t worry, the good news outweighs the bad here: with one non-invasive treatment now available at Cool Aesthetica, you can get rid of chub rub, thunder thighs and unappealing dimples once and for all- no matter what your genetics has to say about it.

Here’s how:


Using a specially designed cryolipolysis machine and handheld applicator, CoolSculpting works by safely “freezing” the fat cells beneath the skin in easy, same day office visits. Treatments are fast and require nothing of the patients except sitting back and relaxing as the machine suctions the skin into the applicator while sending cooling waves to the skin’s surface that crystalizes the cells underneath.

In fact, because the treatment is typically done in under an hour and pain free, patients often call CoolSculpting the “lunch break treatment”, getting in and back out in time to finish their workday

Immediately following, the targeted fat cells begin to die and overtime are flushed out of the body. While patients do begin to see minimal results 6-8 weeks post treatment, full, beautiful results are apparent at 12 weeks. Unlike regular weight loss, however, these fat cells are not shrunk but instead permanently eliminated.


By now it’s pretty obvious that CoolSculpting in general is a fantastic option for those looking to slim down and tone up- especially in the trouble areas normal weight loss options can’t help. However, CoolSculpting works best for those that are within 30 pounds of their target weight and therefore legs- that tend to have the least areas of fat to lose compared to other parts of the body- take fewer CoolSculpting sessions to achieve optimal results.

So, where on your legs can you use CoolSculpting? The answer: almost anywhere. Typical troublesome spots include:

  • Inner thighs (that frustrating chub rub)
  • Outer thighs (known cellulite culprits)
  • Beneath the buttocks (also known as the “Banana Roll”)

The best way to know if an area is ideal for CoolSculpting is by the “pinch test” however. If you can pinch a good section of fat then likely it is enough to be suctioned into the applicator during the treatment.

Loving your legs doesn’t have to be a dream-only situation. CoolSculpting can provide incredible results- especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. If you’d like to bare it all next summer on the beach with legs you feel confident to show off, contact us today to schedule your free consult. Our team of specialists can help identify the perfect places to permanently reduce fat cells- with zero pain, zero downtime, and zero fear of going under the knife!


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