MARCH 15, 2019

As San Antonio’s first CoolSculpting-only boutique it’s probably no surprise that we’re kind of smitten with this treatment. Honestly, what isn’t there to love? CoolSculpting is non-invasive, recovery-free and can treat almost every single inch there is to pinch.

Additionally, because there’s no surgery or suction involved—as opposed to other drastic weight loss procedures—your body will begin to heal for impressive results the moment you walk back out the doors.

That said, CoolSculpting isn’t a one size fits all treatment—and it shouldn’t be. Our trained specialists will customize a plan to fit your measurements, fat loss goals and the areas you wish to reduce. That means that while the basic treatment is the same across the board, the amount of time for each session, number of applicators needed and appointments recommended to achieve full results will vary.


If you don’t know how CoolSculpting works then first it’s important to get a little background information. CoolSculpting is quickly becoming one of the top FDA-approved treatments to permanently eliminate stubborn body fat. When we say “from your chin to your knees and everywhere in between”, you better believe we mean it!

Fat reduction with CoolSculpting is incredibly effective on the top or bottom belly regions, flanks (love handles), back, arms, thighs—and yes, even the frustrating double chin.

Thanks to the technology of cryotherapy, CoolSculpting “freezes” the fat cells just below the skin through applicators placed on the targeted areas of fat. Immediately following a treatment the cells begin to “die” and within time are naturally eliminated from the body. As mentioned before, CoolSculpting requires zero incisions or recovery time, allowing patients to fit this treatment into their busy schedules.

Additionally, unlike typical weight loss that simply reduces the size of the fat cells, CoolSculpting actually eliminates the cells from your body entirely. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!


There’s no question that one session, can give you results. While some patients report seeing results within six to eight weeks post-treatment, we recommend waiting the full twelve weeks to expect the true outcome.

That said, one session may not be enough to fully achieve the level of fat elimination and body contouring that you desire. Each successful CoolSculpting treatment reduces the targeted areas by 20-25% on average. Similar to a fitness journey, your results will be determined by the level of commitment dedicated; three, six, nine months of consistent working out will yield different weight loss amounts. The same logic should be applied to your CoolSculpting treatments.

Except, lucky for you, you won’t need nine months to see the new you.

While we typically recommend at least two sessions, a consult will help us to determine what’s right for you specifically. Contact us today at Cool Aesthetica to begin the process of bringing your weight loss goals to fruition. Remember, all we do is CoolSculpting—and all you need to do is prepare for a happier, healthier YOU!


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